Whether you need unique parts manufactured to your specifications or standard components for existing equipment, we are here to provide high quality solutions and meet your requirements.

Small series, unit production

Inorad Services provides custom machined parts/ components for clients. Our workshop is specialized in custom parts and small series production and offers the clients the possibilty of project engineering with our team or just machining of parts based on the clients technical drawings. Our machining fabrication process includes laser cutting, milling, lathing, grinding and can use different types of materials such as steels, aluminium, copper, ertacetal, teflon, etc

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Spare parts

To support machine maintenance work, it is crucial to always have the right spare parts available.

Our supply department maintains a close relationship with numerous suppliers of spare parts. Thus, we can ensure the successful completion of repair activities in a reasonable time, regardless of the situation.

Here are some examples of spare parts we can supply:

  • Bearing
  • Belts
  • Ball screws
  • Machine assembly bodies
  • Sleeves
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic subassemblies

These are just a few examples, as we are prepared to source other spare parts needed to support your machinery maintenance activities.

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