Inorad offers metal processing services through CNC technologies, including laser cutting, milling, turning and grinding. We also provide maintenance, design, consulting and repair services. We specialize in high quality solutions customised to industrial needs.

frezare cnc

CNC Mechanical Processing

Inorad offers CNC machining services to create precise parts and components. This involves using numerically controlled machines to cut, mill or turn parts according to specifications and drawings provided by customers.

frezare cnc

Laser CNC cutting

Precise machining, fast cutting and high quality finish. We offer solutions adapted to your needs, guaranteeing impeccable results and customer satisfaction.

strunjire cnc

CNC turning

Perfect precision, complex shapes expertly crafted. Our ability to turn metal parts offers customized solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction and superior quality end products.

Frezare CNC

CNC milling

Precision, versatility, high quality finish. We offer milling services with CNC technology, making complex parts and components. Regardless of the size or shape of the part, we are prepared to ensure a high quality finish and tight tolerances customised to your needs.

Precision grinding

Grinding services with CNC technology, ensuring tight tolerances and a high quality finish for your parts. Our modern equipment and our experience in the field allow us to grind a variety of materials and shapes, providing excellent results and satisfaction to our customers.

Mentenanță mașini-unelte

Machine tool maintenance

Technical expertise, professional service, performance optimization. We offer preventive and corrective maintenance, prompt repairs and technical consulting, ensuring optimal machine tool operation and maximizing operational efficiency.

consultanta reparatii

Repair consultancy

Technical experts, customized solutions. We offer specialized consultancy in the identification and resolution of technical equipment problems, offering advice and solutions customised to the specific needs of our customers to ensure efficient repair and optimal operation of equipment.

proiectare piese pe comanda

Design engineering

We provide design services that turn ideas into reality by developing drawings and specifications for parts and components. Our team of specialists collaborates with customers to create optimized and innovative technical solutions customised to individual needs and requirements.

We are a team of specialists and professionals with solid skills in CNC machining technology. We are proactive employees and focus on satisfying our customers. For details please contact us.

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